consent age.png At what age is it legal to have sex?


You must be aged 16 or older if you are going to have sex


It is against the law to have sex with someone under 16.

You can get into serious trouble if you have sex with someone who is under 16

Sex and the Law

the-law-400pxw.pngThe Sexual Offences Act 2003 is the law that says that it is illegal for anyone under 16 to take part in sexual activities.

This means doing things like hand jobs, fingering and oral sex are also illegal under the age of 16

I am 16 should I have sex?

When you get to 16, that doesn't mean it's the right age for you to start having sex.

not-ready-for-sex-400pxw.pngIt might feel like everyone around you is having sex, because that's what they are saying, but they could be making it up.

Never feel pushed into having sex with anyone until both of you are ready.

Are you ready?



How do you know you are ready for sex?