Pornography shows sexual activities using pictures, movies, drawings or stories.


Pornography is not like sex in real life 

The pornography stories and films are not real.

 The people in them are often actors who are paid to perform sexual acts.

 Here are some of the facts about real life sexual activities and porn sexual activities.

 1. People in paid porn almost always have slim bodies.


Fact - Bodies come in all shapes and sizes.


2. People in porn always have big penises or big breasts.


Fact -  Breast and penises come in all shapes and sizes.


3. People in porn are always ready to have sex all the time.


 Fact - People do not always want to take part in sexual activities.

4. People in porn can do anything to each other.

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Fact - When you want to have sex you must talk with your partner to find out what you both like best and what the kind of sexual activity they do not want to do.

Too much pornography

Watching pornography can become a problem if you do it a lot. If you feel you need it every day and you cannot stop watching it, you should try to talk to someone you trust about it.

Pornography and the law



Watching pornography is allowed by law if you are over 18.

Any pornography that has children in it is illegal.


If you watch child pornography you will get in to trouble with the police.