The truth about consent



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Here are the answers to the 10 questions that young people have asked most about giving and getting consent for sexual activities. 


 Q1. Is it true that you must give consent, even in a long term relationship?


Yes. It doesn't matter how long you've been going out, you must always make sure that you both want to take part in any sexual activity you do.

Q2. Can someone give consent if they are drunk or on drugs?


No. Someone must be sober and clear headed to give consent.
If you are not sure about them don't have sex

Q3. My girlfriend is 15 and says she wants to have sex is that consent?

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No. Legally she is too young.
You must be 16 or older to consent to sexual activity. This is true for both men and women.

Q4. Can I have sex with someone if they gave consent before they passed out?


No. If someone has passed out or they are asleep, they are unable to give consent.
Even if it is your partner you cannot have sex with them.

Q5. Do I have consent to have sex with someone if they have been flirting with me?


No. Even if you think this person has been flirting with you all night.
It does not mean they have given consent to any sexual activities with you. 

Q6. Do I have consent to have sex with someone if they are wearing sexy clothes?


No, it doesn't matter what someone is wearing. 

If they are wearing a low-cut top, a tiny skirt, tight jeans or a t shirt that says they want to have sex.

It does not mean they are saying yes to sexual activities with you.

Q7. Do I have consent to have sex with someone if I asked them and they say no, but then I keep asking until they give in and say yes?



No. Forcing, begging, or pushing someone into saying 'yes' to sexual activities is wrong, this does not give you consent even if the person does give in.

Q8. Do I have consent to have sex with someone if we are already kissing?


No. Giving consent to one sexual activity does not count as consent for others.

If you want to do more than kiss, you need to talk to each other first.

Q9. Do I still have consent if they said 'yes' but then change their mind and say no?


No. Consent can always be taken back during sexual activities.
If they say stop then you stop what you are doing to them.

Even if the person does not say the word 'stop' but they seem upset or are not saying anything – stop what you are doing and ask if they are OK.

Q10. Do I have to consent to have sex with people who can tell me what to do or who are paid to be in my life?


No, you do not have to consent to any sexual activities with anyone.

Teachers, lecturers, support staff or people from your family are breaking the law if they make you consent to any sexual activities.