Be safe have fun

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Be safe while having fun


This is a sexual health app for young people with autism.


It is designed to allow the young person to ask themselves some questions before they get involved in any sexual activity.


The app is about teaching the young person to learn about keeping safe.


We ask each young person to stop and think about what they are about to do and tell them what could happen to them if they take risks.

The app then gives options with regards to reducing the harm associated with those risks.

Why this app is needed


We believe that healthy sexual development, information and support  is essential for all people, of every age, sexuality or disability. We want to do all we can to help young people feel good about their sexual selves, whoever they are, and to create sexual lives that are as happy, healthy and beneficial as possible.

App creators

This app and it's content was designed and developed by the CKUK Friendly Format Service for the Scottish Drugs Forum and Autism Network Scotland.

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Funded by the Scottish Government