Welcome to the be safe have fun app.

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Who is this app for?

This is a sexual health education  app for young people with autism and/ or learning difficulties aged 14 and over.

The information in this app may be too mature for anyone younger than 14.


How a young person can use this app

You can use this app to find the answers to the kind of questions you need to ask before you get involved in any kind of sexual activity.

This app will teach you about how to stay safe if you are getting involved in sexual activities.

It will also teach you about the law and sexual activities


How this app works

It is designed to allow the user to ask themselves some questions before they get involved in any sexual activity.

The app is about teaching them to learn about keeping safe.

We ask them to stop and think about what they are about to do and teach them what could happen to them if they take risks.

The app then shows them options on how to reduce or stop the harm associated with those risks.


There is a picture dictionary explaining the words used in the app.



This is the app *listen to the text button for accessibility.




Remember to use earphones if you are using the listen to the text reader in public.


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